Finally... Effective Transformations
Critical Breakthroughs For Companies
So Glad you found us!

"All I have to say is WOW.. This is such a creative group of people. I haven't experienced anything like them before. Very different! I would highly recommend Beyond Consulting if your wanting your company to stand out from the rest".

Frank Shankwitz,  The Creator and the Founder of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Intuitive consulting and energy work companies

We reset and activate companies and the CEO's that run them, to operate in their full power! Releasing blocks. Shifting them to their greatest potential. This is effective transformation and critical breakthroughs... And that's only the beginning. Efficiency, satisfaction and profit optimization will come easier, faster, and smoother once the energy is shifted and aligned!


Here we do things differently, we are not by any means your average consulting firm. My team and I have developed many spiritual abilities, and with this comes an amazing sense of intuition (Kind of like being Psychic without the woo-woo). Mix this with a large spectrum of skill sets that we have learned through our own entrepreneur experience, education, and continuous training from around the world, and you've got something completely different than any other business consultant. Through the use of quantum physics, frequencies, and mathematical codes, we can offer over 5000 energetic remedies for people, companies, governments and countries. You will feel, see and witness true effective results. Finally... you have found the full package! 

No other consulting firm, Guru, or healer looks at the levels we look at.

We look at 30 categories, and each category has several subcategories and levels 


  1. Marketing/PR

  2. History of energies involved

  3. Flow of energy regulation

  4. Distribution

  5. Communication/Integration

  6. Finances 

  7. Identity

  8. Integrity

  9. Energetic Charges (positive/negative)

  10. Manipulation & Influencing

  11. Perspective

  12. Sources of Energy

  13. System Structure/ Company Structure

  14. Environment

  15. Graphics and Design

  16. Growth & Transformation

  17. Workflow

  18. Creativity 

  19. Heart and Soul

  20. Product, Service and Innovation

  21. Management

  22. Staff

  23. Parameters

  24. Spiritual Levels

  25. Energetic Level

  26. Emotional Level

  27. Mental Levels

  28. Rhythmic Levels

  29. Level of flow or level of Energy

  30. Physical Level 


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