Business Meeting

Executive Coaching

Need help becoming the best version of your self? Do you know where your blocks are? Our intuitive  business coaches will find your blocks, remove them, and shift your energy and perspective. We test where your greatest potential is and what you need to get there. We work with, trauma, negative energies, limited beliefs, and  reprogramming patterns in the brain. If you are an individual looking for a breakthrough this is for you...

Our executive coaching will enhance your leadership capacity, facilitating a higher level of performance — for you, your team and your organization.

Developing greater intuitive intelligence, cultivating resilience and honing your spiritual skills will help you lead with greater impact and influence — and keep stress and overwhelm at bay.

Our targeted, intuitive holistic approach works. 

Successful Work Team

Sales Optimization


​We Identify hidden sales blocks and opportunities, in real time. This is Sales Effectiveness Analytics.

We offer a unique combination intuitive assessment of business growth strategies that allow you see blocks, limitations and shift into your full potential. This will give you the confidence to take decisive action, and create sustainable success in all areas of your sales profession. You will get one one sessions for sales leaders, assessments and treatments for your sales teams. We will find hidden issues, who has the greatest potential, who is your strongest and weakest and who needs to be removed, which target market has the greatest potential. We test the right frequencies that will create the most optimal energetic environment for the best results for the department.  

When you remove blocks from your sales teams and fully optimized, confidence and sales effectiveness will empower them to help achieve your top business goals.

Brand Strategy

Company Assessment


Business assessments are a crucial aspect of success. Think of it as an MRI for your business. Not only does it identify the blocks and gaps but it also helps you prioritize, so you’ll know what challenges and opportunities you need to focus on first.We look at things that are unseen by the average analyst. We test for the levels of energy, potential, life energy, creative energy, financial energy, where the company's life potential is and where it could be.

No other consulting firm looks at the levels we look at. We have 30 categories, and each category has several sub categories and levels 


  1. Marketing/PR

  2. History of energies involved

  3. Flow or energy regulation

  4. Distribution

  5. Communication/Integration

  6. Finances 

  7. Identity

  8. Integrity

  9. Energetic Charges (positive/negative)

  10. Manipulation & Influencing

  11. Perspective

  12. Sources of Energy

  13. System Structure/ Company Structure

  14. Environment

  15. Graphics and Design

  16. Growth & Transformation

  17. Workflow

  18. Creativity 

  19. Heart and Soul

  20. Product, Service and Innovation

  21. Management

  22. Staff

  23. Parameters

  24. Spiritual Levels

  25. Energetic Level

  26. Emotional Level

  27. Mental Levels

  28. Rhythmic Levels

  29. Level of flow or level of Energy

  30. Physical Level 

A business assessment does not take a lot of time but the results are invaluable. The output of the assessment is fed into measurable  report to process. This helps identify the key areas of blocks and remedies for a strategic plan. Taking the first step in this process will put you on a path to running your business more strategically.

 Discover your full potential