Robyn Peterson

They don’t call her Amazing Robyn for nothing.


From working with billionaires, Hollywood stars, Governments and hundreds of international CEOs, Robyn Peterson continues to be the fastest-growing name in the intuitive healing and consulting arena.


This well-versed Christian Healer started as a humble gospel teacher. Little did she know, she would become one of the most sought after intuitive healers in the world, while serving as she reset connections to God for her clients, and then to go on to be featured on Discovery Channel worldwide, National Geographic, CNN, BBC, and news specials in France and in the Timeline films in the U.K. thousands of radio shows and podcast. 


A secret weapon for people and their companies. Robyn is described as a seer. She sees blocks in people and their companies. She offers critical breakthroughs and effective transformation. She is an amazingly gifted energy healer along with being spiritually gifted, while also working with a wide spectrum of skill sets through serial entrepreneurship, education, and training from around the world. Robyn’s specialty is in quantum physics, frequencies, mathematical codes, energetic medicine, retraining the brain and thought patterns, in combination with being a spiritually gifted seer. She can see and understand things no other consultant sees. They don’t call her Amazing Robyn the intuitive healer  for nothing; she is mind-blowing and powerful.

The Master Business Healer

Bruce Cameron The Concierge Coach

Bruce Cameron is a sought after national c-suite executive coach and experienced private practice counselor and life coach. With over twenty-five years experience as a Federal Law Enforcement official Bruce brings a unique arsenal of tools to serve high net worth, high potential individuals. He used his intricate knowledge of interpersonal and workplace communication to help clients overcome periods of crisis to flourish both personally and professionally. Bruce has a Master's of Science in Clinical Psychology and is a licensed professional counselor. He is a certified professional life coach, speaks nationally and has authored several professional publications.  Listen to Bruce as he is the Co-host (radio) at LA Talk Radio

Executive Coach

Janine See

A leader in strategic business and intuitive consulting specializing in building cash cows and improving quality of life services for mid-size and small companies, family businesses, and their owners. Janine is very spiritually gifted. She has been trained in Innerwise and also brings her own intuitive gifts, in combination of education.


Insatiably passionate about aligning the development of people, strategy and purpose to drive outstanding business results. She has extensive experience helping organizations achieve maximum productivity through processes designed to attract, develop, motivate and retain engaged employees.

Intuitive Consultant

Kellie Kellogg

Kellie is responsible for effectively restructuring companies, information systems, and technology to achieve her client's goals. She focuses on providing meaningful information to management, identifying technology opportunities, providing strategic performance measures, and optimizing systems and processes.

Kellie has some profound spiritual gifts that lead her on the right path for the individual person and or company. She has been trained in several modalities and owned several companies. She is also an amazing public speaker, transformation coach, PTSD intervention, and she is an amazing mom.

Intuitive Consultant

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